Revolutionary Motorized Wheelbarrow

Strength for your Finish, No more All on the Haul!

3-Year Warranty

A Luxury for some, a Blessing for others.

Tired of wasting too much energy and risking injury repetitively pushing a loaded wheelbarrow?  This life-changing HillBarrow Conversion Kit instantly upgrades, transforms, and modernizes ANY one-wheeled, six (6) cubic foot, metal load tray style wheelbarrows into a powerful motorized HillBarrows.  Compatiable wheelbarrows are sold fully assembled year-round at your preferred home improvement store(s), such as the Lowes and HomeDepot models as trusted examples. 

How it Works

Adjustable speed-dial & a comfortable push-button thumb throttle permits you to haul with less effort for all! The HillBarrow conversion kit is about as elementary to install as it is to operate, we guarantee it! View the Installation Manual for step-by-step assembly and/or click on the button below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Power to the People!

Yes, the HillBarrow conversion kit is 100% Water-Proof, and the following video proves our total commitment to that very important feature!

The Best Boost for your Bucks...

Don't be fooled by products constructed with cheap "poly" plastic load trays and framing(s) guaranteed to break. Steer clear from complex and time consuming assembly as well. Complexity leads to more problems, while simplicity leads to less. Made and Assembled Proudly with Metal in the U.S.A., Not in China with Cheap Labor and Poly Plastic Parts.

HillBarrow Conversion Kit
  • Increase Productivity

    Make life easier, make work fun, increase productivity, & get your jobs done!

  • Transferable

    Universally transferable from wheelbarrow to wheelbarrow! 

  • Rechargeable Batteries

    Provides 24 volts of powerful pulling performance that won't disappoint; we guarantee it!

  • Adjustable Framing

    Fully Adjustable Framing accommodates both extremely used and brand new wheelbarrows.

Your Back is "Worth" it!

Our Patented and Trademarked Universal design is the first of its kind and class! Our 3-Year Residential Warranty has got your back for the long-haul, cause that's just how we roll!
Ready, Set, Done!

Equipped with a powerful 200-watt d.c. electric motor that is high-torque, durable, & Eco-friendly.

Speed Control

Adjustable speed dial accommodates any operator ranging from a slow walk to a moderate run. 


Provided with purchase includes a simple trickle charger that plugs directly into any standard household outlet.

Durable Design

No Cheap Plastic or parts! Machined and built to last by Americans, in America!

Packaged with Pride

With either purchase you will support real American jobs with a product packaged with real American Pride.

Discounts Offered

Enter "Military" "Police" "Fire" or "Medical" at checkout if you are active or retired from either field for a $10.00 Discount.

"Now I don't have to rely on pure strength to push my firewood, mulch, & dirt up the hill for me anymore."

"Everything else that can be motorized... is! It's way past the time that the average wheelbarrow pull its own weight, and now it does!"

"The HillBarrow pulled load after load of mulch up-hill throughout the work day while making work fun for our employees as well believe it or not!"

"After being forced to have back surgery due to a car accident, two things are certain: Life goes on and work piles up. The HillBarrow is a huge help around the house without question."

"The HillBarrow has the potential to help ALL people in more ways than one; it's an American Made Product designed to last & save your back."

"We just know America has waited a long time for the HillBarrow....They just didn't know it yet!"

"Living in the country equals hills, gardens, flower-beds, livestock, and firewood to cut, stack, and haul indoors before and during winter. Its a no-brainer that the HillBarrow will become a blessing for backs nation-wide."

"When pushing concrete, it don't take long to appreciate motorized assistance. Where the heck has this been all my life?"

Some smaller jobs require excavation and loading by hand versus by skid-steer, and that is where HillBarrow's come in handy. We also use HillBarrow's to get concrete from road to project at times as well; strength, stamina, and back-savers for sure regardless how one uses!